Kapila Gupta, a mother of two, decided to venture into selling Luxury Designer Stuff after facing trouble when she herself went on to buy a designer handbag, not available in India  like High VAT, Authenticity issues, and Delayed Shipping. Business was always her dream.She decided to offer a e-commerce platform in the country which covered all these voids and facilitated women to shop in india itself apart from a store abroad, or on unauthentic goods.

kapila gupta

Beforehand, Kapila had spent a whole decade working as a consultant for PricewaterCoopers Ltd, before deciding to take a break. She felt that flexibility in working hours and work it self was mandatory since she was a mother of two and she completely cherished motherhood and its memories. And Therefore She went ahead and launched LUXURY STATION (www.LuxuryStation.com).

The inventory-led model offers its customers both the option to visit their studio or seek the comfort of viewing the products online. They deliver pan-India, taking not more than three to four days to execute any order, in any corner of the country. Since they started, they also diversified into pre-owned luxury goods, where the customers can either sell directly, consign,or even exchange it with new products.

luxury station

Luxury Station Launched in March 2015. And by October 2015, It had around 5000 registered users, with 250 people actually shopping with them. Today they execute around 50-75 transactions a month.The platform was recently listed as one of the recommended sellers of Authenticate First, one of the largest US-based company for certification of authentic luxury products, which helped them address customers concerns about authenticity.They recently introduced fragrances and will soon be adding footwear, watches, and apparel to their menu.“The idea is to create a one-stop shop for all luxury goods” says Kapila Gupta before signing off from us… !!


Inspiration This Tyme: Cassy Stahl (Breast Cancer Survivor )


As October marks Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Addiemall indulges itself in a series of activities promoting breast cancer awareness among women around the globe. Addiemall is proud to present Cassy Stahl, a breast cancer survivor through  DIVAS ‘Inspiration this tyme’….

  •  Cassy like many breast cancer patients, was shocked by her Stage 3 diagnosis given that she was in her early 40s with no family history, had breastfed all three of her children and regularly performed self-exams. Still, it was those self-exams that likely saved her life. She knew the persistent knot under her skin didn’t feel right and an ultrasound confirmed that it was lobular breast cancer.
  • Just two weeks later, Cassy was pursuing treatment at MD Anderson while celebrating her 10-year wedding anniversary with husband Karl Lennart.
  • They took a break from her treatment to spend some quality time together at a nearby aquarium and Cassy remembers wondering whether she would make it  to be a part of  future anniversaries.


  • Thankfully, Cassy received tremendous care and maintained a positive attitude in her quest to become cancer-free. She says that while she would never wish cancer on anyone, she is grateful for the ways it made her rejuvenate  life.
  • Pre Cancer Crisis, she had spent 25 years as an engineer in manufacturing firms. However, following her treatment, Cassy Stahl was reminded of how much people and relationships matter, so she decided to pursue a career in real estate. She loves the fact that  she now has the opportunity to help clients find the homes where they will build memories.
  • She also recently joined the sales team for Sabika, an NBCF sponsor, because the jewelry company’s mission of empowering the women who handcraft the product, as well as their commitment to breast cancer awareness, inspired her. While both of these jobs keep her quite busy, they allow her more flexibility in her schedule so she can remain involved with her family.
  • For Cassy, Chilling Out now represents time spent loving those who mean the most to her, including kids Sophia, Linnea, and Stefan and she’s thankful for her husband’s continued commitment, noting that the stress of cancer can either drive couples apart, or bring them closer together. She also says that she loves herself more today than her pre-cancer self because she endures her strength and changed values.

On Behalf  Of Addiemall, We wish Cassy, her family, and all our Breast Cancer supporters  and fighters a beautiful month of Love, Care,Hope and Cure!

Celebrating WomenHood This 2014:Rachel Olsen

Rachel Olsen: Occupation: Founder, BestmomproductsRachel-Olsen-To-Post

Education: B.A., Broadcast Communication, Arizona State University                                                              

Rachel Olsen,In 2010 while bringing a medical device to the consumer market, had a challenging time finding stories of real business experience online.  “There was a massive amount of information but it was difficult to cut through the fluff,” said Rachel. She wanted to hear candid stories focusing on the nuances of business, the challenges entrepreneurs faced and how they overcame them.  What she found was a lot of overnight success stories leaving out the how-to details, especially costly mistakes.


Rachel Olsen is currently growing Best Mom Products, a digital media company “Where Mompreneurs Share Their Adventures in Business.”  The Best Mom Products Show & Podcast is available on www.bestmomproducts.com, iTunes (New & Noteworthy), Stitcher Radio and YouTube.


What qualities does it take for someone to be successful as an entrepreneur?

Almost everyone I’ve interviewed says perseverance and hustle. If you don’t give up, you continue to learn what works and doesn’t work. Failure will eventually show you success as long as you keep trying. It might not be doing what you thought but it will all lead you to a path of growth.

What challenges keep you awake at night?

I’m trying to figure out how to monetize my services. I have a store with affiliate marketing links where people can buy the products of the mom’s I interview. I have some show sponsors, too. But really determining the ‘right’ direction to take my business and focus on is what keeps me awake.  

What is it about your job that makes you feel it’s the right fit for you?

It feels natural. I’m always connecting with and learning from entrepreneurial women who took a risk. It’s hard to imagine doing anything else. I get to see the bigger impact I’m making when listeners tell me they’re going to change the way they do something or try something based on what another open mompreneur shared.  

What are some of the rules you live by?

Life is too short to spend time doing something you don’t care deeply about.  Listen to your intuition. No one knows you like YOU.

 What one piece of advice do you wish you could tell a 21-year-old version of yourself?

No one has it all figured out. When you feel like someone does and want to be just like them, remember your gifts, your skills and all you have to offer to the world. No one has your voice. Be of value to others. When you provide value, good things will come your way.

Addiemall “Divas” wishes Rachel  Olsen  a very happy womens day all the Best on her Future Endeavors through Bestmomproducts.

Womens Day 2014! What Can We Do!

Women’s Day 2014::What Can We Do?                                                                                                                                                                            wd

It’s not just the start of spring we’re celebrating in March—the 8th of the month marks International Women’s Day, so get out your party hats.

Womens Day is celebrated in different ways in different countries.For Instance,In China, ManyEmployees give half of the day off to female employees, while in Morocco telecommunications companies are offereing free movie tickets to all women.So what could be the little we can do to make this day a memorable our day?Here we go…

Gather your BFFs and celebrate the power of womanhood and liberation this International Women’s Day. Indulge in scrumptious meals, dance the night away, shop till you drop or pamper yourself at a spa. Do whatever it is that pleases you.  It’s your day, so live it up!


Play the new Half the Sky Facebook game 

It’s based on the best-selling book and allows you to create change in the real world too.A new Facebook adventure that raises awareness & funds to empower women & girls across the world. Available in English and French for desktop/laptop computers only


The Global IWD Women’s Arts

All the artworks (paintings, sculptures, installations, photographs, drawings, sketches, collages …) and stories have been created by diverse women from around the world to inspire, challenge, entertain and provoke thought from a gender angle. The impressive artworks celebrate the artistic grace of women. The stories are of celebration, hurt, triumph, shock, humour, anger, remembrance and question.

downloadThe Global IWD Women’s Arts Initiative was established in 2011 to celebrate the collective creative ability of women. 2011 saw 100 years since the first International Women’s Day was held, so to mark the Centenary, this initiative was launched. 

To contribute to the Global IWD Women’s Arts Initiative:
– for artwork guidelines and requirements click here

Donate to your favorite women’s cause or charity. Mark March 8th on your calendar every year and give if you can afford it. Or donate your talents instead. Sign up to volunteer, whether you’re designing pamphlets or helping organize events.

                                                                          Its your Day of Celebration.Before Letting You Go Heres a Video of Celeration of Women who  contributed to around the world.Enjoy***  Video

Inspiration This Tyme…….Dr.Sunitha Maheshwari With &Telemedicine


Dr.Sunitha Maheshwari a reowned cardiologist trained at the Prestigious Yale University,U.S. hardly looks busy .

She has been responsible for bringing medicine into Indian Villages through the new Concept “Telemedicine”Initially Sunitha went to the Osmania Medical College, Hyderabad and then to the Yale University.Sunitha has then headed the paediatric cardiology department at the

Narayna Hrydayalaya Hospital in Bangalore. Having worked in the US for more than a Decade She realized that at this time where Outsourcing is everything, It was time to apply the same technique with the Service of Doctors, Medical technicians through  a New Concept called “TeleMedicine”.About 70% of the Rural India has little or no access to Healthcare and Specialists. This is why, She explains that poor people in Rural India die of Simple Ailments. So She belives that Telemedicine can save lives. Her Telemedicine so far has been offering Consultations to people in Remote parts of India for the past 3 years.

She was earlier criticized by her collegues that through this concept the Doctors were unable to touch the paitents or examine them physically. However with newer technologies like Digital Stethoscope to listen to the paitents heartbeat and Lungs ,A Digital Camera BLwhere Zooming can be done to examine Skin lesions, A Thorough Examination is possible with the assistance of a technician who helps you examine the paitent in the village” She Defends.

She explains that the State Governments of Bihar and Assam with 60% of Remote areas have already started investing in Telemedicine.

The Desi Robin Hood Approach: She says that they follow a RobinHood Approach where funds earned through super speciality and global teleradiology work go towards offering these telemedicine consultations rural teleradiology services Free or almost Free of Cost. They do charge their patients a nominal fee of Rs.5 or Rs.10 which is then pooled in to buy medicines. Addiemall “DIVAS” is delighted and enriched about the fact of publishing her work under the ‘Inspiration this tyme’ column.



Shoma Naraynan::::Going Places!!


rightWhen Mills and Boon, India’s Third Title, Monsoon Wedding Fever was unveiled,Author Shoma Naraynan’s Collegues at HSBC were amused that thier unassuming Senior Vice president could conjure up a hot read.

Addiemall – “Divas”  is charmed by the soft spoken Shoma, the first ever Indian Mills and Boons Author to bag a UK and US Release.

Here are a few excerpts from the Interview she gave…………………

1.So Seems Like You have joined the Club of Corporates who wield the pen with ease?

Shoma: Yes that is because Indian writing in English has come of age giving rise to more opportunities for people from all walks of life.

2.Is Writing an M&B as breezy as it seems?

Shoma: It was challenging as my ideas tend to include secondary characters. IN an M&B though, we have to sustain the tempo of attraction between the lead pair and not lose it in a subplot.Romantic M&B tales are easy in that there is little research involved.

shoma3. Is the Qualifying process stringent to join the panel of 1300 odd M&B writers?

Shoma: YES. After being a second runner up at their Passions Aspiring Authors Auditions, I was assigned to an editor in London to whom I sent in my chapters. After her stringent scrutiny inputs, the book was published. Subsequently Harlequin Mills&Boons signed me on for three more books and Yes, I am now on their panel.

4. As a mother of  Two, Are you nervous about the Impact of your Books on your children and their generation?

Shoma: I do not think anyone should be apologetic about what they read. It is relaxing once in a while to indulge in such books. Infact I was tickled to find my husband’s grandmom enjoying my story!

5. Can you brief us about your second offering on the row?

Shoma: It is to be called Take One – Arranged Marriage. It is about Two Tamilians who are brought together by an arranged alliance and then they fall in love. I am married to a Tamilian based in Mumbai so I know of your customs. In-fact our wedding was held in Chennai.

Sounds Exciting….Addiemall – “Divas” wishes Shoma Narayanan  Best Luck on all  her Future Endeavors.



INSPIRATION THIS TYME::Kristin Glenn and Shannon Whitehead::

INSPIRATION THIS TYME::Kristin Glenn and Shannon Whitehead::

Kristin Glenn and Shannon Whitehead are the creators of {r}evolution apparel, a sustainable travel clothing line for women. kristin-shannon-400x200They recently launched their signature piece, the Versalette, and raised over $60,000 in pre-sales via a Kickstarter campaign. Their goal is to spark discussion about consumption and the environment, while giving women clothing options to “do more with less.” Production of the Versalette has already started and it will be available for sale via {r}evolution apparel’s online store in March.

Kristin and Shannon met in Australia in 2008 as recent college grads who were traveling on working holiday visas. After spending the following few years Continue reading



You are 14 and you make a debut with A.R.Rahman and continue to sing for him in later projects.

You gechinmai-225x300t to have different facets to your career,like a singer, voiceover artist,entrepreneur,blogger,webdeveloper,professional baker…..Welcome to the world of Chinmayi Sripradha, our Inspiration this tyme. The Singer… Chinmayi has a passion for music.She excels in both Carnatic and Hindustani music. At 10 She was awarded a scholarship for being the young talent for Carnatic music and years later she got the Silver Medal from All India Radio for Hindustani music as well.

The Entrepreneur…
She runs a Translations Company called ‘Blue Elephant’ in Chennai,India. It was a once Translation Job that led her to taking it up seriously and setting up Blue Elephant. Continue reading


Style is not about the dress you wear, Its how you wear it. Are you very good at Makeovers,Dressing up?Do you have a tremendous sense of fashion in you? Well,Then You could become a STYLIST!!!!!. A personal stylist is a person who typically advises individuals on Makeovers,new fashion trends, clothing styles, colors and make-up.Stylists are often part of a larger creative team assembled by the client, collaborating with the fashion designer, photographer ,director, hair stylist and makeup artist to put together a particular look or theme for the specific project. Continue reading


Pranaya Ghimire is the founder of StartUpLift. Originally from Kathmandu, Nepal, Pranaya currently lives in New York City. He Holds Degrees in Computer Information Systems and Business Administration. Pranaya founded CareerSquared that catered to the unique needs of job-seekers and provided an innovative platform for job-seekers and career-experts to work together. After realizing the need for a service that easily allowed Startups get exposure and solicit much needed direct feedback, he created StartUpLift. Launched recently on 1/1/11, StartUpLift has already featured over 300 startups and received submissions from over 2000 feedback providers to help startups improve. Continue reading