SPA ETIQUETTES

For Today’s Busy Buzz Women, It is vital for them to maintain a  behavior code to make their visits to Spa’s blissful. To list a few,  1.Keep up with time…Your time is precious and so is the time of the stylists. Be sure to keep up your appointment time. Call ahead if you are running late or need to reschedule. Apologize for any inconvenience caused. This is a vital aspect of Spa Etiquettes.

2.Beauticians/stylists are not magicians. They can work with your suggestions, but realistically. The stunning new haircut or color on a celebrity may not be best suited on you. Respect their skill and give them space to work their magic. Be realistic with your expectations.

spa etiquettes

3.Keep off the Phone:That very important call need to wait during a facial,hair cut, hair wash, hair colouring and pedicures. Observe complete silence when in spa. Remember Spa treatments are vitally for peace and Relaxation. If it is indeed an emergency, please apologize when you stall a service. Reserve the hand gestures for traffic signs. We love words in the spa.

4.Mind Your Language. Be mindful of how loud you are and what you share in the spa/salon especially when there are other clients.

5.Do not walk in to the salon during a Rush hour. Beauticians need time to deliver with quality. Do not rush the stylist at work. After all Beauty is a art. Give them enough time to work on your beauty details.

6.Speak with kindness and in a courteous manner. I have known many who do not want to speak out when a service goes bad. Equally, some clients are unreasonably difficult and unkind. Giving a Positive feedback is like the short spell of rain during a  busy day for the stylist. 

7.Gift of gratitude: Gratuity is appreciation for the personal service provided. Do leave an industry standard of 10 to 20 per cent of your service value as a Tip. Tip more if the service exceeded your expectations. It speaks about your recognition of their effort. It motivates them. Every stylist/beautician always remembers their clients who tip them well. A well tipped Stylist/beautician and a well tipping client both can blissfully soak in its benefits with every visit to the Spa…

Mistakes to avoid In Mornings

                                             MISTAKES TO AVOID IN MORNINGS

Dear Divas, we always lead a busy buzz life chasing our Goals in life. It is essential for mornings when we start our day to be productive. While there are is a huge list of things to do in your morning routine, there are certain things that needs to be avoided in your Mornings as well. “Divas” lists a few mistakes to avoid in mornings to make your day a productive one.

1.Checking Your Phone:The temptation to check our phone first thing in the morning is present in all of us — however, avoid doing so — an unexpected text or email can distract your mind.

2. Waking Up Grumpy:For those of us who are very sound sleepers, the alarm sound can make us get up with a jerk — this can lead to headaches, dizziness and even dementia in the long run. Try to wake up naturally, without an alarm.

 women in the morning

3. Not Drinking Enough Water/ Taking Almonds:Experts recommend having 2 glasses of water after you wake up — if you don’t do so, this can lead to indigestion, constipation and even headaches. So, drink up. Also taking Almonds early morning is a very good skincare regiment that should never be missed.

4. Skipping Exercise/Yoga: A lot of us are guilty of doing this — skipping that morning walk, hitting the gym to get an extra hour of sleep. However, skipping exercise  will make you lethargic for the entire day.Meditating for a few minutes everyday brightens your mind and reinvigorates your senses — make sure you do that in an open area where you get plenty of fresh air and sunshine.

 5. Skipping Breakfasts:The maximum we can manage is to pick up a sandwich and a fruit to be eaten on the way. However, skipping breakfast everyday can lead to obesity, more hunger pangs and even morning sickness.

6,Leaving Your Bed Messy:As soon as our alarm goes off, we get out of bed and rush to get ready without making our bed. Not making your bed in the morning is a very bad Habit — it can make all the negative energies accumulate in the bed long after you leave it. So make sure you make your bead neat and tidy before you leave home.

 6. SMILE… Finally

Everyday is a new beginning for us, No matter what your current state of mind is sad or gloomy  — look up in the mirror and say thank you to God for everything that you have. Start your Day with a Smile.. This leads to  Happy Mornings with Optimistic beginnings…