Hello Addies, Hope You all had a wonderful weekend this tyme. 🙂passion-400x398“Good advertising does not just circulate information.It penetrates the public mind with desires and belief.” – Leo Burnett
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we are featuring about working your career towards success.
There are so many cool things about Life, A walk on the beach barefoot…Dancing like there is no tomorrow…Feeling the wind in your face…A bear hug from a loved one…Singing in the shower…A cup of hot tea.We gotta be thankful about the good things Nature has bestowed to us in Life.!!  Just Like Life offers these wonderful little moments to us, we are bound
to make a mark with the opportunities given to us by Life.So Addies, Just get started and find out what your passion in Life is and work towards it to make it a grand success.

Follow Your Passion: Find out what you love the most, convert them into meaningful and positive goals and Sweat your effort towards that. The more you follow your hearts deepest desires, the more you walk towards the road of empowerment.

Be Determined: If you are serious about your goals you have to be Determined. You may face lots of challenges, obstacles, and setbacks while working towards your passion.A Firm Determination to overcome them will do the trick.

Notice your tendencies: Observe and Notice your tendencies and work them out towards making it a Talent.For example, If you are good at singing, Brush up your singing interest and tendency by attending Singing classes and regularly practising them.

Determine your passion.Make the Most of Life today! 🙂 🙂

Inspiration This Tyme: Ethan Austin(Giveforward)

Ethan Austin is the co-founder of GiveForward, a website that makes it incredibly

easy to collect donationsethan-austin from friends and family for a loved one’s uncovered medical expenses.  Having lost his father at an early
age to colon cancer, Ethan has always had a soft spot for helping others and spent much of his early life volunteering for various cancer organizations.
In 2008, Ethan joined Desiree Vargas to launch GiveForward in Chicago.
As of August 2010, GiveForward has helped people raise over $2 million dollars for things like cancer treatments and organ transplants, leading the Chicago Tribune to call it “the future of medical fundraising in the Internet Age.”

In 2010, The company was nominated for a World Technology Network Award in association with TIME, CNN and Fortune for its innovative approach to medical fundraising. Following are some excerpts from the Interview he’s given via Ideamensch.

1.What are you working on right now?

“We’re currently rebuilding the entire GiveForward website right now from the ground up.
It should be major improvement over the current site with much more integration with Facebook.
We’re also in the process of raising money from investors right now, which we are learning can be quite exhausting.”

2.What do you like most about your job?

“The emails we get from users thanking us for creating GiveForward.”

3.What words do you live by?

“Have Fun. Do Good. Help Others.”

4.Three Trends that excite you?
The emergence of more for-profit, social ventures.
It’s exciting to see new models like TOMS shoes emerge that are shattering the status quo.
Big corporations are becoming more like non-profits and non-profits are trying to become more like corporations. I love the idea that a business can do well by doing good.


Sites like CrowdSPRING, are turning the traditional RFP process on it’s head, saving time and money for businesses.


This is a pretty exciting movement we’re seeing, especially for poor entrepreneurs like myself who don’t have any extra spending cash to pay for full-priced meals.

5.How do you bring ideas to life?

“I surround myself with passionate people who are smarter than I am.”

6.What is one business idea that you’re willing to give away to our readers?

“Don’t be afraid to be yourself.  People like authenticity, so let your personality shine through.
If the objective of your company’s  communication strategy is to avoid offending people, your company
is going to come off as bland and no one is going to remember you. You might succeed in not offending
but you’re not going to win any fans this way.”



Ethan Austin on LinkedIn