Mothers Day with Addiemall!

HI Guys, How have you all being?Its Mothers Day and we have to

acknowledge and celebrate the extraordinaryMothers_Day women and the roles they have played in our lives.Is your mom an entrepreneur or a working woman?
Then why don’t you surprise her with offers available here in addiemall.Get back to me at if you are interested in our work or services.
Speaking about Mothers Day,
Every Mom plays various roles like a friend, philosopher and guide to you through various stages in your Life.Infact every mom is a angel sent straight from heaven.Celebrating Just a day for these wonderful women would be inconceivable.It’s great to do something special for the woman who takes on all the work and stress everyday, just for you. Here are a few thoughtful ways to make your mom feel special.

1.Cook With Her:Peel, fry, cut, burn, crib, cry, laugh over the lunch affair. Bond with your mother in the kitchen, a place she adores!

2.Mothers Day Out:Push, drag or pull her out if you have to! Take her shopping and buy her a bright sari.Direct her to a spa and allow her to unwind and relax.Dine at a restaurant of her choice.

3.Watch A Movie With Her:Rent DVDs and kickstart a mother-daughter movie marathon!
Keep it sweet, keep it clean or choose movies that star her childhood favorite celebrity!

4.Chat with her: If you have been too busy or cranky after a long day at work and haven’t spent time talking or
listening to her, well, this is the moment.Do it right away! Just lounge around the house in her company; talk to her about vital things that have been happening in your life or about people who bother her and you.

Let everyday be her day!!!!!!


SEO with addiemall

SEO with Addiemall:                                   seo-300x300

Addiemall as the name implies is a huge digital marketing portal for women at a global level. Addiemall offers almost everything possible to make your business presence felt in the world wide web. Addiemall digital marketing offers various services like SEO,PPC,Email marketing,Social media marketing,Blog management,Video marketing,Brand building etc all   done with the quality that abides by current market standards and in affordable price tags.This article is all about SEO with addiemall.

What’s a SEO?:Search Engine Optimization is the process of improving the visibility of a website in search engine’s  like Google,Yahoo, Bing through natural or unpaid results.

What we consider:Our SEO considers how search engines work, what people search for, the actual search terms or keywords typed into search engines and which search engines are preferred by their targeted audience. Addiemall also offers a free SEO analysis for your website which will give you a idea about your web presence and its current state

SEO Packages from addiemall:(Search Engine Optimization)Addiemall offers four packages for a quality contentful SEO, which are Jasmine,Rose,Lavender and Lotus. These packages come with the promise of search engine friendly websites, Huge Traffic, Good ranking at search engines, and performance review reports to clients at the end of every month. And Did we mention that we offer a free website analysis before we start working on fixing your online portal.

Normally Our service friends take just take 2 to 3 months to attain milestones in the projects that they undertake for  your business SEO. For more information or online purchase of any of our SEO services, please click on the link below

Contact Us:SEO has become one of the integral process to indulge in for running a successful business.So if you want your SEO done with a good quality and a women friendly concern, please do drop by.Do online purchase of one of our SEO packages that suit your business or just fill in your details at the contact us form given in our website.

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And one of your service friends would be happy to assist you in implying SEO for your business website.

Best Wishes  From Our Team. Love, Addiemall

Free SEO Tools – Addiemall

                                                  FREE SEO TOOLS FOR ATTAINING RESULTS:

Search Engine Optimization plays a dominant role in promoting businesses,non profits and governments through the world wide web. Addiemall suggests SEO Experts with vital free SEO tools for results to be successful. The top ten tools have been sorted out in the order of phases which a site goes through,during Search engine optimization process.

1.Google Keywords Planner: is the first and foremost tool likely to be used while setting up a SEO keywordsThis free tool helps to search content related keywords with wide choices, performance of the keywords and in choosing competitive bids and budget to go with your SEO campaign.

keyword helps find the keywords that people type in while searching Google. This free tool also provides 750+ suggestions for every keyword you enter. Thereby enables quick identification of top keywords in less time.


3.Siteliner: The site helps identify duplicate content within the site, be it in the meta-tags or content within the site. In today’s scenario where Google algorithms strictly check for duplication Siteliner is a very beneficial tool thats free

siteliner4.Anchor Text over Optimization Tool: It is important to check the optimization levels of the keywords used in them once you have created your meta-tags. Google has penalized several sites for over optimization and hence using this tool to check the level is very useful while doing SEO.

5.Moz Open site Explorer:Moz is considered to be one of the best players in the field of SEO and their open site explorer sites will help you understand the various off-page SEO techniques. Moz open site explorer enables you to gauge site’s influence, view subdomain, inbound links to the site, root domain and analyze the link pages.

moz open site explorer

6.Pingdom Website Speed Tool:helps check the time your website takes to load. It provides more details on average load time and also provides suggestions to help improve the speed.


7.Yoast for SEO: goes a long way in taking care of all the technical optimization of search engine and helping write better content in terms of SEO. Addiemall recommends using Yoast for wordpress website owners.

yoast 8.Majestic SEO:shows results specifically on link building and domain-based metrics. The free services provided include Site Explorer, Backlink History tool and Keyword checker.

google analytics

 9.Xenus Link Sleuth: This is a spidering (crawling) software that will show broken links in your website. It validates text links, images, maps, backgrounds and frames in your website.

10.Google Analytics Tool: is a efficient service from Google that provides detailed statistics about a website’s traffic and its sources. It also keeps track on the conversions and sales.  

This List is likely to change with time based on statistics, user preferences and market trends. 



Healthy Bites For Working Women!

Healthy Bites Guide For Working Women:

So As Summer approaches Long Day Works without much pic1Break elopes in. Looking Up for some snacky bites in the middle of the work is just a usual need during that work to keep you going and also lift up your work mood. Addiemall Divas suggests some healthy bites that could be acquired during your heavy work shifts but also be made sure that your weight doesn’t suffer as a backburner due to that. To start with…..,

Popcorn: Yes, popcorn! With only 4% fat, it’s a great way to ease those midnight cravings without piling on the pounds. They  come up in covers with easy microwavable options.Could be prepared within 2 or 3 minutes.

Dark Chocolate: With a much lower sugar content (20% in 80% cocoa chocolates) and fat content, you have little to worry About. Just remember to go easy on them though.
Citrus fruits: Nothing like a citrus fruit to put the zest back in your work! An orange, sweet lime, pink grapefruit or pomelo should do you just fine.

Indian Chat:  Indian chats with Bhel and Sev not only provides as a scrumptious snack but also prevents you from putting on the extra pounds since Its completely fat free.


funYogurt: Try your hand at a DIY frozen yogurt. Add some chopped fruit (peaches or mango would be perfect) and a light drizzle of your favourite fruity sauce to a cup of yogurt and voila! A calcium-rich midnight snack.

Muesli,Oatsmixed with milk and sugar could not only be used during breakfast time but at break during work hours as a crunchy snack. It comes packed with different sides and flavors which can be grabbed in normal departmental stores

Flavoured nuts: We say, give the traditional dried fruit snack a more fun twist. Honey roasted almonds, spiced-flavoured cashews or cinnamon-flavoured pecans are definitely a more exciting 2 AM snack. Of course, you shouldn’t make a meal of these.

Granola: A good quality granola mix or granola bar can be a great mid afternoon snack/dessert. Packed with plenty of fibre and just the right amount of sugar, keep these handy when staying when working late.

And finish each of these with some drink you can try out some good fresh fruit juices or hot  chocolate.

So Ladies Don’t hesitate to unwind  and enjoy your work breaks since there are a variety of healthy snack options to look up to.


Womens Day 2014! What Can We Do!

Women’s Day 2014::What Can We Do?                                                                                                                                                                            wd

It’s not just the start of spring we’re celebrating in March—the 8th of the month marks International Women’s Day, so get out your party hats.

Womens Day is celebrated in different ways in different countries.For Instance,In China, ManyEmployees give half of the day off to female employees, while in Morocco telecommunications companies are offereing free movie tickets to all women.So what could be the little we can do to make this day a memorable our day?Here we go…

Gather your BFFs and celebrate the power of womanhood and liberation this International Women’s Day. Indulge in scrumptious meals, dance the night away, shop till you drop or pamper yourself at a spa. Do whatever it is that pleases you.  It’s your day, so live it up!


Play the new Half the Sky Facebook game 

It’s based on the best-selling book and allows you to create change in the real world too.A new Facebook adventure that raises awareness & funds to empower women & girls across the world. Available in English and French for desktop/laptop computers only


The Global IWD Women’s Arts

All the artworks (paintings, sculptures, installations, photographs, drawings, sketches, collages …) and stories have been created by diverse women from around the world to inspire, challenge, entertain and provoke thought from a gender angle. The impressive artworks celebrate the artistic grace of women. The stories are of celebration, hurt, triumph, shock, humour, anger, remembrance and question.

downloadThe Global IWD Women’s Arts Initiative was established in 2011 to celebrate the collective creative ability of women. 2011 saw 100 years since the first International Women’s Day was held, so to mark the Centenary, this initiative was launched. 

To contribute to the Global IWD Women’s Arts Initiative:
– for artwork guidelines and requirements click here

Donate to your favorite women’s cause or charity. Mark March 8th on your calendar every year and give if you can afford it. Or donate your talents instead. Sign up to volunteer, whether you’re designing pamphlets or helping organize events.

                                                                          Its your Day of Celebration.Before Letting You Go Heres a Video of Celeration of Women who  contributed to around the world.Enjoy***  Video

Health Related Resolutions For Work!


Hi Ladies, Wishing You all a Happy and Joyful New Year 2014  from Addiemall


few health resolves to your list.

After all we all are blessed to be having a healthy mind and body in the middle of our hectic lifestyles.

 Vitally Ergonomics. The height of your desk and chair at work should be designed keeping ergonomic principles in mind, to avoid back and neck pains.

Note:Ergonomics is the study of designing equipment and devices that fit the human body, its movements and its cognitive abilities. It focuses on the ‘fit’ between people and their technological environment.


 Keep walking. Sitting in front of the computer for hours on end is hazardous for health. It’s bad for your posture, bad for your blood circulation, bad for your eyes and in general bad all the way. Combat this by making it a point to get up off your desk once every hour and going for a short stroll around the office.

 Natural light and ventilation. When designing an office, try and ensure you are making use of all the natural light and air possible


Happy workplace. Nobody enjoys working in a tense atmosphere all the time. If you’re in a managerial or leadership position of some sort, make sure you keep the environment positive and cheerful. It not just makes your employees happier, but also more productive.S

Healthy snacking.Switch to Healthy Snacking Say no those junk food,fats,Caffeine and  soft drinks,when you’re feeling peckish. Instead, carry fruits and nuts with you that you can munch every time you feel like snacking. Its healthy and it also contributes as a part when you are on diet.

ny21-1024x640PLAN –
 Women tend to balance many things at the same time. And this can lead to a lot of stress – one of the biggest causes of ma
ny complicated diseases today. One tip to staying stress-free is to plan things in advance. Writing things down in a planner will allow you to take only an amount you can handle.STRESS is inevitable, but there are ways you can minimize it. One tip is to keep expectations reasonable. AND It’s OK to make mistakes. Everybody does.Quit the Guilt and Learn from your mistakes. Cheers Everybody!

Kickstart Your Weekday’s Like This!


Indulge in Regular Workouts: Doing Regular work outs helps in refreshing your energy. and makes you  look forward to doing things.

Try out a aromotheraphy foam bath by adding essential favored oils.An Aroma Bath can be a soothing retreat or a reviving experience and a lovely way to get fresh. The Brand #BathandBodyworks offers a wide range of bathing picks like scents,oils,soaps and even candles to get the feel glowy.

Priorities:Set Short Term Goals For the Week covering vital aspects like work,home,money management,and before all Time.

Great breakfast

A hearty and healthy breakfast before starting the week will do wonders for your energy and general well being. Go for breakfast breads like muffins,doughnuts and crossaints with cheese or crunchy cereals mixed with milk and fruits .You can also Try Salmon and Cheese Toast with fresh orange juice for instance.

Keep in Touch: Make Sure that you connect with your loved ones and friends atleast once a week.It helps in growing relationships.

weekday-300x100Clean your Work desk

Start the week off right with a clear mind and clear workspace. De-cluttering your desk is an important step in doing away with mental,professional roadblocks and excuses.

Keep in Touch: Last but not least….Make Sure that you connect with your loved ones and friends atleast once a week.It helps in growing relationships.

Stock Market Advice For Women



Many women shy away from investing in the stock market. Fear of investing in the stock market could be due to the following reasons and more:

  • Inexperience with investing in the stock market.
  • Fear of risks associated with investing in the stock market.    However, it’s important to understand that though risky, investing in the stock market generally yields a much higher return rate than sticking money into a safe but boring and low-yielding savings account. ADDIEMALL “DIVAS” guides you with the essentials that must be kept in mind while getting into the Stock Market.

 Start small. As confidence is gained and as wealth increases, more can be invested in the stock market.

Invest in what you know.

It’s absolutely essential that you understand the business you’re investing in.

 It is important to know how the company is performing to know if your returns would be good or not. Also, never invest just based on hearsay unless it is from a very sound source,”

2.Read annual reports, get sound advice from a good financial advisor and invest only your surplus funds,”

3.“Have confidence that you can manage finances, trust in sound advice, don’t act on hearsay, do your home work well and be prepared and aware of risks involved,”

Look around you. You can always spot investment opportunities by concentrating on what you already know and are familiar with. Some examples would be the industry you work in; restaurant chains, retail stores, etc. 1.“Focus at getting informed about the companies that you want to invest in.

Invest For The  Long Run: if you’re buying stock in Great Companies at attractive prices, trading in and out of the stock washes out all the effort put in picking the stock in the first place. In addition, great companies don’t lose their greatness at the drop of a hat …. they have enduring competitive advantages. ……So it really pays off to be in it for the long run.

stock-market-womenKnow when to sell

While it would be theoretically nice to own stock in a company for eternity, you have to be in tune with practical realities. The key question that most beginning investors have is: When To Sell?” If you find the stock price of companies you’ve invested in way above what you’ve valued them, this might be a good time to sell. Sooner or later the market will correct itself and it’s best to lock in your gains before that happens.Use market fluctuations to your advantage.

Keep your expectations realistic:

Effective stock investing is not about doubling your money in one month.To Sum It    Up,Success in investing comes by being patient, continuously learning, and being rational. A goal of 10-15% return consistently, year after year, will make you a hugely successful investor.

Ways to Beat Job Stress For Working Women

Women are more prone to workplace because of the many roles they play in lifestress

as career woman, wife, mother, daughter, and friend.It is essential to wind up your mind from workstress. Addiemall “Divas”  suggests a few tips for working women to overcome stress.

Stay calm: When the job gets to you, take a break. Get chatty, talk to someone, listen to music or take a small nap. Relieve your mind of all problems. This will help you think clearly, get a new perspectives and new ideas.

De-clutter- A cluttered workstation like pens,pencils, notepads,tons of papers spread around every inch of your work place adds to your stress. Make sure your environment is more appealing by organizing your things and keeping your station spic and span.

Stay away from negative co-workers, Be assertive and not authoritative, listen to them but be diplomatic in your response. Talk politely, learn to say no or else you are going to be caught up in a crisis.

Diet Regulations: Dont Skip Meals,especially Breakfast. Skipping Meals often contributes to causing Stress at work. And Avoid Occasional Coffees. They contain a content called Caffiene which stimulates Depression to various heights.Instead try out a Hot chocolate or a Green Tea which is more healthy and reliable and promises to beat your work stress.

Step Out. Take a moment to leave your desk and have a look at what the day looks like! While sun bathing is never a good idea, a bit of sun and fresh air each day has a multitude positive effects. So, take a short break outside (even if it is just to pace the parking lot) to help you decomp.

zoneGet enough sleep:When you’re tired, problems can seem larger than life.Dont Forget to soak yourself in the Tub with a Hot Bath before that.This helps you to overcome tiredness and washes away all the unwanted toxins that the work stress has created in your body.

Workout a Must:Exercise regularly. It helps take the edge off anxiety. Keep fit and slim by hitting the Gym, and practicing Power Yoga

To Sum it up,Count your blessings. Positive Thinking Helps.Focusing on what’s going well in your life will give you perspective and make you feel better.


INSPIRATION THIS TYME::Kristin Glenn and Shannon Whitehead::

INSPIRATION THIS TYME::Kristin Glenn and Shannon Whitehead::

Kristin Glenn and Shannon Whitehead are the creators of {r}evolution apparel, a sustainable travel clothing line for women. kristin-shannon-400x200They recently launched their signature piece, the Versalette, and raised over $60,000 in pre-sales via a Kickstarter campaign. Their goal is to spark discussion about consumption and the environment, while giving women clothing options to “do more with less.” Production of the Versalette has already started and it will be available for sale via {r}evolution apparel’s online store in March.

Kristin and Shannon met in Australia in 2008 as recent college grads who were traveling on working holiday visas. After spending the following few years Continue reading