Routine Care For A Healthy Skin



^^Add Moisture To Your Skin:

*Wash your face with cold water, not hot (or warm) water and do it at least twice daily.

*Apply a nice Moisturiser to your face to keep it hydrated from heat and dust.Dont be suprised if your Dermatologist suggests you a Cold Cream or a Calamine Lotion  for your skin moisture. Contrarily,The market is flooded with tons of  products to choose from depending upon your skin preferences.

^^Include Your diet With These Vitals.*”Eat a handful of almonds every day and it boosts levels of vitamin E, one of the most important antioxidants for skin health.

Drink as much as water and Fresh Juices which will help flush toxins in your system.

Include your diet with Lettuce,Tomatoes,Fish,Brown Bread(a complete sandwich combo)  and a Lemonade which will revitalize your skin by increasing Vitamin A&C

*Long-term sun exposure can cause wrinkles, freckles, age spots, rough, dry skin and  the worst even skin cancers.Use sunscreen every day, pskincare2referably one with a Sun Protection Factor (SPF) of at least 15 that provides broad-spectrum protection from both ultraviolet A (UVA) and ultraviolet B (UVB) rays.

^^For Black Circles:

 Dont miss the common practice of applying Cucumber under your eyes to keep it cool.

Mix 1 tbsp. of egg white mixed with 3 tbsp. of plain yogurt to make a freshening eye mask. Dab onto the circles under your eyes and let the mask dry, then rinse with warm water.

^^Wear Protective Clothing. Cover your skin with tightly woven long-sleeved shirts, long pants and wide-brimmed hats. Also consider laundry additives, which give clothing an additional layer of ultraviolet protection for a certain number of washings, or special sun-protective clothing — which is specifically designed to block ultraviolet rays.

Finally ^^Head To A Spa atleast once a month and Pamper your skin with treatments like Facials,Body massages,and various other treatments for making your skin glow.

Shoma Naraynan::::Going Places!!


rightWhen Mills and Boon, India’s Third Title, Monsoon Wedding Fever was unveiled,Author Shoma Naraynan’s Collegues at HSBC were amused that thier unassuming Senior Vice president could conjure up a hot read.

Addiemall – “Divas”  is charmed by the soft spoken Shoma, the first ever Indian Mills and Boons Author to bag a UK and US Release.

Here are a few excerpts from the Interview she gave…………………

1.So Seems Like You have joined the Club of Corporates who wield the pen with ease?

Shoma: Yes that is because Indian writing in English has come of age giving rise to more opportunities for people from all walks of life.

2.Is Writing an M&B as breezy as it seems?

Shoma: It was challenging as my ideas tend to include secondary characters. IN an M&B though, we have to sustain the tempo of attraction between the lead pair and not lose it in a subplot.Romantic M&B tales are easy in that there is little research involved.

shoma3. Is the Qualifying process stringent to join the panel of 1300 odd M&B writers?

Shoma: YES. After being a second runner up at their Passions Aspiring Authors Auditions, I was assigned to an editor in London to whom I sent in my chapters. After her stringent scrutiny inputs, the book was published. Subsequently Harlequin Mills&Boons signed me on for three more books and Yes, I am now on their panel.

4. As a mother of  Two, Are you nervous about the Impact of your Books on your children and their generation?

Shoma: I do not think anyone should be apologetic about what they read. It is relaxing once in a while to indulge in such books. Infact I was tickled to find my husband’s grandmom enjoying my story!

5. Can you brief us about your second offering on the row?

Shoma: It is to be called Take One – Arranged Marriage. It is about Two Tamilians who are brought together by an arranged alliance and then they fall in love. I am married to a Tamilian based in Mumbai so I know of your customs. In-fact our wedding was held in Chennai.

Sounds Exciting….Addiemall – “Divas” wishes Shoma Narayanan  Best Luck on all  her Future Endeavors.



Stepping Out?? New Trends in Makeup From Addiemall**

Hi Divas,  Busy with your Working Schedule?? Deseperate to make a Mark?Need makep

to put up an appearance for a Formal Meeting or a Friends Party??Addiemall brings you some Innovative and Quick Make up Trends by New Brands in the Market exclusively.Check it out.

Getting Makeup Right with the Correct Base...The Power Perfection BB Cream From The Face Shop lets your skin to be smooth and radiant. It covers any blemishes you may have to give you a flawless Coverage.Also try the High Definition Invisible Cover Foundation from Makeup Forever which has a oil free formula designed to keep your skin hydrated even after hours of wear.

shampooFlawless Hair:

If you havnt found time to shampoo your hair, Dont Fret! The Pronto Invisible Volumizing Dry Shampoo Spray by Oscar Blandi works out to cleanse your hair without water. Simply spray it at the roots: It will absorb the extra oil and leave your hair fresh and wavy. The Vitamin E content and wheat proteins strengten and protect the hair delightfully

For Blushy Cheeks: Benetint from Benefit  has acquired cult status among makeup fans from the 70’s. The Lip and Cheek stain lends a sheer color that stays on for hours. Dab a little on your cheeks for the fresh flushed look.

Luscious Lips...The Sexy Mother Pucker from Soap&Glory is a best seller due to its natural plant oil content. Apart from giving your lips a Huge Lift it also increases blood flow to your lips.

For Brand New Makeup Palette…You Think when it comes to makeup palettes, you’ve seen it all?  . We heard about Matthew Williamson’s new The Rich Is Back palette for Benefit. This ’70s-inspired kit includes bright eye shadows such as Peacock and Rainbow Leopard, plus the little extras (mascara! lip gloss!) that a girl needs. It aims to “lift women’s spirits. Our spirits were lifted just reading about it, but we guess we’ll agree to try this one out, if you insist.






INCLUDE YOUR DIET…. With Light Salads, Fruit juices, Coconut Water, and Greek style Yoghurt.

SUMMER FASHION.Means To Dress Simple and the Mantra is to Look Cool and Comfortable. Add Florals, Pure White,Lighter Fabrics  and Summer skirts to your Dressing Style.

HOME REMEDIES ARE THE BESTApply togather Buttermilk,Multani Mitti and Rosewater to keep your skin hyderated.

Apply Cucumbers on your Eyelids and Of course Baby wipes are solutions to wipe out the sweat and dust.And there’s nothing that a mix of curd and Lime can’t solve.

TRY SOME HOMEMADE SCRUBMamartinide out of Oats, Rose water and apply it on your skin for 15 minutes. Try it and you know what we are talking about. And You also cant disregard the wonders a  simple gram flour scrub can do.

WHEN GOING OUT….Always Carry your Glares, Sunblock, Scarf to cover your Hair,Water, a Lip Tan and a Good Perfume in your Bag.

ITCH FOR A NEW HAIR CUT….Try considering a Short Haircut at this time of the Year. Its convenient and You can Jazz up your look by experimenting with shorter lengths and Keep cool under the Blazing Sun as well.

SUMMER’S PARADISESummer means Beaches and Memorable Vacations.Taking a Short Vacation and Relaxing  with a Water-melon Martini under Hot Beaches or chilling out in a solaced Hill Station.





::GET APP-DATED(Must Have Apps For Women 2013 from Addiemall)::

::GET APP-DATED(Must Have Apps For Women 2013 from Addiemall)::

iXpenseit:(Manage your finances) A Budget oriented women has every reason to fall for iXpenseit.It iexpense-300x228allows you to make a note of your expenses and income with the focus on budgets.You can allocate budgets for categories like entertainment,Utilities,food etc. Reports are generated in the form of pie charts,bar diagrams.You can check your progress with the help of a fuel gauge displayed on the top of the expenses page. It comes with both a free version as well as a paid version(Rs.270).

Cloth,(The Wardrobe Wonder):Keep track of your wardrobe,plan our ensemble for a future event,List your favorite pieces or categorise them into work or play outfits,all with a personal touch.


Epicurious(A World Cuisine Wonder):Get Innovative recipes from around the world with their pics and details about Fats with this app. Epicurious offers  above 25000 recipies to its users. In a fix on what to do for Christmas lunch,Recipies for a picnic with friends, Looking out for Recipies that fall within your diet, try this app. It comes with a free version and worth adding.

Sleep Pillow(No More Sleepless Nights): Are you one of the ladies suffering from stress and difficulties in relaxing or sleeping?? Sleep Pillow Pro Comes to your rescue. This App puts you to sleep with soothing sounds that include relaxing music borrowed from nature, and melodic loops.It comes with a free version as well as a paid version(Rs.110)with about 70 sounds to its credit.



DailyYoga: Daily Yoga offers guidance and Lessons in Yoga for Beginners,Learners and fitness freaks for free and at nominal prices.Daily Yoga is the one handy guide and is a delight whenever you head  out of home or whenever you are stressed out.

Zomato(Your Restuarant Guide) offers a vast source of information about restuarants in various vital cities along with vital details like the Menu, Pricing, Cuisine type, with Ratings from other users. keeps updating its information on a daily basis which makes it a reliable source to turn to when it comes to dining out.

AroundMe:AroundMe is a delight when it comes to searching for information about shops, hotels, pharmacies,Hospitals and more around you. It gathers information by searching Local Maps and proves to be a boon especially when travelling not only for women but also men. It relives you from searching Quality places for your Standard Needs while at work or mainly on a vacation.