Healthy Bites For Working Women!

Healthy Bites Guide For Working Women:

So As Summer approaches Long Day Works without much pic1Break elopes in. Looking Up for some snacky bites in the middle of the work is just a usual need during that work to keep you going and also lift up your work mood. Addiemall Divas suggests some healthy bites that could be acquired during your heavy work shifts but also be made sure that your weight doesn’t suffer as a backburner due to that. To start with…..,

Popcorn: Yes, popcorn! With only 4% fat, it’s a great way to ease those midnight cravings without piling on the pounds. They  come up in covers with easy microwavable options.Could be prepared within 2 or 3 minutes.

Dark Chocolate: With a much lower sugar content (20% in 80% cocoa chocolates) and fat content, you have little to worry About. Just remember to go easy on them though.
Citrus fruits: Nothing like a citrus fruit to put the zest back in your work! An orange, sweet lime, pink grapefruit or pomelo should do you just fine.

Indian Chat:  Indian chats with Bhel and Sev not only provides as a scrumptious snack but also prevents you from putting on the extra pounds since Its completely fat free.


funYogurt: Try your hand at a DIY frozen yogurt. Add some chopped fruit (peaches or mango would be perfect) and a light drizzle of your favourite fruity sauce to a cup of yogurt and voila! A calcium-rich midnight snack.

Muesli,Oatsmixed with milk and sugar could not only be used during breakfast time but at break during work hours as a crunchy snack. It comes packed with different sides and flavors which can be grabbed in normal departmental stores

Flavoured nuts: We say, give the traditional dried fruit snack a more fun twist. Honey roasted almonds, spiced-flavoured cashews or cinnamon-flavoured pecans are definitely a more exciting 2 AM snack. Of course, you shouldn’t make a meal of these.

Granola: A good quality granola mix or granola bar can be a great mid afternoon snack/dessert. Packed with plenty of fibre and just the right amount of sugar, keep these handy when staying when working late.

And finish each of these with some drink you can try out some good fresh fruit juices or hot  chocolate.

So Ladies Don’t hesitate to unwind  and enjoy your work breaks since there are a variety of healthy snack options to look up to.