Blog Management


Social media is all about conversation; you need to contribute to be in the conversation. With blogs, you can create fresh content and engage your target community in an ongoing conversation, easily and effectively.

A well designed and customized blog with well-written and edited content, about your business that is posted consistently, can significantly improve your Search Engine ranking and overall web presence. Blogs that communicate the real purpose of your business can increase your opportunities to interact with (and highlight) your potential customers, and provide an effective channel for you to share your knowledge.


At Addiemall, we have a creative team that can craft customized blogs for commenting as well as posting on your blog, and develop a rapport with your customer segment. The back-story of your blog is developed to build a bond of mutual trust and understanding with your customers, with a clear account and description of who you are, what your business offering are and stuffs like that.

We create resource posts with information that are simple to understand and easy to digest, like top 10 lists, Tips, Dos and Don’ts etc. We also devote time and attention to comments and queries raised by visitors and provide the most suitable answers, sometimes even turning the queries into blog posts.

  • Posts  blogs with good traffic rankings
  • Subscribing to popular blogs to get the latest posts (to comment on)
  • Actively participating and making your presence felt in discussions
  • Making it a point to comment early to be more visible
  • Posting only relevant and high quality comments

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