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                                                  FREE SEO TOOLS FOR ATTAINING RESULTS:

Search Engine Optimization plays a dominant role in promoting businesses,non profits and governments through the world wide web. Addiemall suggests SEO Experts with vital free SEO tools for results to be successful. The top ten tools have been sorted out in the order of phases which a site goes through,during Search engine optimization process.

1.Google Keywords Planner: is the first and foremost tool likely to be used while setting up a SEO keywordsThis free tool helps to search content related keywords with wide choices, performance of the keywords and in choosing competitive bids and budget to go with your SEO campaign.

keyword helps find the keywords that people type in while searching Google. This free tool also provides 750+ suggestions for every keyword you enter. Thereby enables quick identification of top keywords in less time.


3.Siteliner: The site helps identify duplicate content within the site, be it in the meta-tags or content within the site. In today’s scenario where Google algorithms strictly check for duplication Siteliner is a very beneficial tool thats free

siteliner4.Anchor Text over Optimization Tool: It is important to check the optimization levels of the keywords used in them once you have created your meta-tags. Google has penalized several sites for over optimization and hence using this tool to check the level is very useful while doing SEO.

5.Moz Open site Explorer:Moz is considered to be one of the best players in the field of SEO and their open site explorer sites will help you understand the various off-page SEO techniques. Moz open site explorer enables you to gauge site’s influence, view subdomain, inbound links to the site, root domain and analyze the link pages.

moz open site explorer

6.Pingdom Website Speed Tool:helps check the time your website takes to load. It provides more details on average load time and also provides suggestions to help improve the speed.


7.Yoast for SEO: goes a long way in taking care of all the technical optimization of search engine and helping write better content in terms of SEO. Addiemall recommends using Yoast for wordpress website owners.

yoast 8.Majestic SEO:shows results specifically on link building and domain-based metrics. The free services provided include Site Explorer, Backlink History tool and Keyword checker.

google analytics

 9.Xenus Link Sleuth: This is a spidering (crawling) software that will show broken links in your website. It validates text links, images, maps, backgrounds and frames in your website.

10.Google Analytics Tool: is a efficient service from Google that provides detailed statistics about a website’s traffic and its sources. It also keeps track on the conversions and sales.  

This List is likely to change with time based on statistics, user preferences and market trends. 



E-mail Marketing Services with Addiemall

E-mail Marketing Services with Addiemall: 

 Email marketing is one way of marketing and promoting by sending a commercial message to a group of people using email.To be brief, every promotional email sent to a potential or current customer can be considered a email marketing. It usually includes using email to send ads, request business, or solicit sales or donations, and is meant to build brand awareness,loyalty and trust. Email marketing can be done to both cold lists or current customer database.

email marketing providers 1

Email Marketing with Addiemall:
Addiemall takes up email marketing by sending custom made campaigns to potential customers,current clients and to authentic segment cold lists with beautiful layouts. This is done after certain number of consultations with the client. To do this,Addiemall offers affordable email marketing services through monthly plans Apple,Litchi,Cranberry and Blueberry. And Did we say, the pricing for all our services are also negotiable sometimes depending upon the client’s financial needs. We also send your reports with diagrams explaining about the performance of your campaigns(number of sends,opens,clicks etc)

What Addiemall Considers: Addiemall takes these vital factors into mind before designing a email marketing campaign

1.“How should we segment and target our emails“;

2.“What frequency should we use?“;

3.“How do improve delivery?”and most challenging

4.“How can we keep our clients email subscribers engaged and active?“.

The link to Email marketing plans by Addiemall is

e-mail marketing services

To Sign Up for one of our Email marketing plans, Go online and sign them up, or fill in your details on the contact us form in our website your service friend from addiemall will be happy to guide you with useful suggestions.  We hope you enjoyed this article as much as we did creating it. Thank you!!