Social Media For Moms

              SOCIAL MEDIA FOR MOMS!

Social Media today has reached almost every walk of person, like students, youth, businessmen, researchers, fashion enthusiasts. Contrarily, A Mom plays a pivotal role in everyone’s life. There are so many features that she adds to her cap like  a teacher,a good cook, a wonderful host and many more. Technology today offers so many platforms for each and everybody to shine brighter, especially for women and moms. Social media particularly,offers so many channels to showcase today’s moms talents.

social media for momsSome of them include

1, Socialize,Come Together – with social media sites like Facebook,Twitter,Instagram etc. Facebook allows you to connect with various people like friends, family, and acquaintances & create community, pages for a common cause.  Apart from making Friends,There are tons of cooking, Lifestyle and Fashion pages and groups for moms to post, share articles, keep up with updates, recipes, write  restaurant reviews on Facebook. Moms who camoms2n create a special page for themselves to promote their cooking and other academic, business skills benefit financially.Similarly Instagram, and Twitter allows women to showcase their work to the entire globe, but the settings and way of functioning varies.
2. Blogging: A Great way to begin  for mom’s is to write a Blog based on a favorite topic. It take’s  only an hour for themselves to post a quality Blog. Medium,WordPress, & LiveJournal are some free platforms where you can write and post your blog within hours and also get some wonderful response for your article.
3.The next Tweety Bird A platform where everyone is talking about everything. Mothers can now be part of current conversations on crucial topics thus aiming to be a potential influencer.
4MomTube –Cooking has a long and natural association with moms. Youtube is great way to showcase and share mom’s cooking skills, increase visibility and create an identity in the process.  Videos on Fitness can also be shared along with cooking recipes.
5. Welfare for women -Mothers can exploit social media to do more for the society, to talk about child care issues, parenting issues, societal issues, to name a few. You can be the voice for other women. Somebody has to step up anyway. Social media sites have lot of Fundraising options in it apart from specific fundraising websites.  For Example, The Nepal Earthquake so who’s of who create a funding page on social media to gather and send Funds to the victims. This proves that a few hours of work in social media can make a huge difference in someone’s life.
6. Become Social Entrepreneurs – There are also lots of home business options like Crafting, Designing, marketing, Freelancing etc in social media sites like Facebook Groups, Twitter Hashtags, Instagram and more.. Moms who work from home can make use of these platforms to showcase and sell their skills and products as a business across the globe depending upon their brand size and deliverables.
7. Need an Agency to do for you Professionally: Not to worry. There are lots of Digital Marketing Agencies who do Social media marketing for various people suiting their business needs, in a more efficient and reachable way at affordable prices.

Addiemall for example has E-Social Media Plans to sign up in its website. These are monthly plans where once  signed, the client is given through consultation. Pages and Groups and created, managed and boosted at different channels depending upon the client requirements. The Clients are free enough to contact the Customer care at or the simply fill in the Contact Us form. And a service friend of Addiemall will be in touch with the client immediately to sort out any doubts or issues faced by the client.

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“Divas” hopes that this small prominent List motivates every moms and working from home women to join & get benefitted by the Social media Wagon!

Beauty Apps For You

Beauty Apps For You

Hi Girls, There are a lot of apps in the Apple store and Google play for you out there to give you worldclass beauty care experience and options to shop for your favourite beauty products. The Top most have been picked up and listed below. Download the one suitable in your smart phone now, and add a another feather to your daily beauty regime.

Plum Perfect:

The future of foundation. Take a selfie, or whatever else you prefer to clog your camera roll with, and upload it to the app. Plum Perfect will analyze your complexion and create the perfect signature color for your lips, eyes, face, and hair. You will also be shown a number of shoppable options for your personalized color palette.

Loreal MakeUp Genius:

This app is a virtual L’Oréal counter, using your phone’s camera and technology to recognize your facial characteristics to virtually try on any L’Oréal product. And somehow, it doesn’t look ridiculous. The app has the ability to follow your movement so you can see a new eyeshadow, lipstick, or mascara from all angles. You can also take the app in-store and scan products to try without buying a thing.


The Glam App sends services like blowouts, makeup applications, and polish changes to your door. However, the app also acts as a database and agency for stylists and professionals to build their clientele and create their own schedules and appointments. The app currently serves New York, California, Chicago, London, Las Vegas, and Miami.


For a small fee, you get a virtual consultation with a board-certified dermatologist to decide what your skin needs. Users provide photos and basic information so a diagnosis and possible prescription can be created at this app. You won’t have to take off from work again.


The next time you get impressed over a gorgeous lip or smoky shadow look in a magazine, snap a photo and upload it to Glamscout. In seconds this app identifies the makeup shades on the eyes, skin, and face with product matches from 80+ brands across various price points. For serious shoppers, there’s also an option to virtually try on the makeup by using your device’s camera as a mirror, so you can be sure your new lip look is exactly how you imagined it, before purchasing.

KeepShopping and Nykaa(India)

the Keep app and Nykaa app ideal for beauty shopping addicts allows you to shop using a universal mobile cart. So now your beauty products from Chanel, Loreal, MAC, Sephora and more can all be purchased at one time through the same cart, making for a seamless shopping experience. Users can also discover which beauty products are trending and new while scrolling through the feed in the app.