Inspiration This Tyme…….Dr.Sunitha Maheshwari With &Telemedicine


Dr.Sunitha Maheshwari a reowned cardiologist trained at the Prestigious Yale University,U.S. hardly looks busy .

She has been responsible for bringing medicine into Indian Villages through the new Concept “Telemedicine”Initially Sunitha went to the Osmania Medical College, Hyderabad and then to the Yale University.Sunitha has then headed the paediatric cardiology department at the

Narayna Hrydayalaya Hospital in Bangalore. Having worked in the US for more than a Decade She realized that at this time where Outsourcing is everything, It was time to apply the same technique with the Service of Doctors, Medical technicians through  a New Concept called “TeleMedicine”.About 70% of the Rural India has little or no access to Healthcare and Specialists. This is why, She explains that poor people in Rural India die of Simple Ailments. So She belives that Telemedicine can save lives. Her Telemedicine so far has been offering Consultations to people in Remote parts of India for the past 3 years.

She was earlier criticized by her collegues that through this concept the Doctors were unable to touch the paitents or examine them physically. However with newer technologies like Digital Stethoscope to listen to the paitents heartbeat and Lungs ,A Digital Camera BLwhere Zooming can be done to examine Skin lesions, A Thorough Examination is possible with the assistance of a technician who helps you examine the paitent in the village” She Defends.

She explains that the State Governments of Bihar and Assam with 60% of Remote areas have already started investing in Telemedicine.

The Desi Robin Hood Approach: She says that they follow a RobinHood Approach where funds earned through super speciality and global teleradiology work go towards offering these telemedicine consultations rural teleradiology services Free or almost Free of Cost. They do charge their patients a nominal fee of Rs.5 or Rs.10 which is then pooled in to buy medicines. Addiemall “DIVAS” is delighted and enriched about the fact of publishing her work under the ‘Inspiration this tyme’ column.



Stock Market Advice For Women



Many women shy away from investing in the stock market. Fear of investing in the stock market could be due to the following reasons and more:

  • Inexperience with investing in the stock market.
  • Fear of risks associated with investing in the stock market.    However, it’s important to understand that though risky, investing in the stock market generally yields a much higher return rate than sticking money into a safe but boring and low-yielding savings account. ADDIEMALL “DIVAS” guides you with the essentials that must be kept in mind while getting into the Stock Market.

 Start small. As confidence is gained and as wealth increases, more can be invested in the stock market.

Invest in what you know.

It’s absolutely essential that you understand the business you’re investing in.

 It is important to know how the company is performing to know if your returns would be good or not. Also, never invest just based on hearsay unless it is from a very sound source,”

2.Read annual reports, get sound advice from a good financial advisor and invest only your surplus funds,”

3.“Have confidence that you can manage finances, trust in sound advice, don’t act on hearsay, do your home work well and be prepared and aware of risks involved,”

Look around you. You can always spot investment opportunities by concentrating on what you already know and are familiar with. Some examples would be the industry you work in; restaurant chains, retail stores, etc. 1.“Focus at getting informed about the companies that you want to invest in.

Invest For The  Long Run: if you’re buying stock in Great Companies at attractive prices, trading in and out of the stock washes out all the effort put in picking the stock in the first place. In addition, great companies don’t lose their greatness at the drop of a hat …. they have enduring competitive advantages. ……So it really pays off to be in it for the long run.

stock-market-womenKnow when to sell

While it would be theoretically nice to own stock in a company for eternity, you have to be in tune with practical realities. The key question that most beginning investors have is: When To Sell?” If you find the stock price of companies you’ve invested in way above what you’ve valued them, this might be a good time to sell. Sooner or later the market will correct itself and it’s best to lock in your gains before that happens.Use market fluctuations to your advantage.

Keep your expectations realistic:

Effective stock investing is not about doubling your money in one month.To Sum It    Up,Success in investing comes by being patient, continuously learning, and being rational. A goal of 10-15% return consistently, year after year, will make you a hugely successful investor.

Ways to Beat Job Stress For Working Women

Women are more prone to workplace because of the many roles they play in lifestress

as career woman, wife, mother, daughter, and friend.It is essential to wind up your mind from workstress. Addiemall “Divas”  suggests a few tips for working women to overcome stress.

Stay calm: When the job gets to you, take a break. Get chatty, talk to someone, listen to music or take a small nap. Relieve your mind of all problems. This will help you think clearly, get a new perspectives and new ideas.

De-clutter- A cluttered workstation like pens,pencils, notepads,tons of papers spread around every inch of your work place adds to your stress. Make sure your environment is more appealing by organizing your things and keeping your station spic and span.

Stay away from negative co-workers, Be assertive and not authoritative, listen to them but be diplomatic in your response. Talk politely, learn to say no or else you are going to be caught up in a crisis.

Diet Regulations: Dont Skip Meals,especially Breakfast. Skipping Meals often contributes to causing Stress at work. And Avoid Occasional Coffees. They contain a content called Caffiene which stimulates Depression to various heights.Instead try out a Hot chocolate or a Green Tea which is more healthy and reliable and promises to beat your work stress.

Step Out. Take a moment to leave your desk and have a look at what the day looks like! While sun bathing is never a good idea, a bit of sun and fresh air each day has a multitude positive effects. So, take a short break outside (even if it is just to pace the parking lot) to help you decomp.

zoneGet enough sleep:When you’re tired, problems can seem larger than life.Dont Forget to soak yourself in the Tub with a Hot Bath before that.This helps you to overcome tiredness and washes away all the unwanted toxins that the work stress has created in your body.

Workout a Must:Exercise regularly. It helps take the edge off anxiety. Keep fit and slim by hitting the Gym, and practicing Power Yoga

To Sum it up,Count your blessings. Positive Thinking Helps.Focusing on what’s going well in your life will give you perspective and make you feel better.