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Many women shy away from investing in the stock market. Fear of investing in the stock market could be due to the following reasons and more:

  • Inexperience with investing in the stock market.
  • Fear of risks associated with investing in the stock market.    However, it’s important to understand that though risky, investing in the stock market generally yields a much higher return rate than sticking money into a safe but boring and low-yielding savings account. ADDIEMALL “DIVAS” guides you with the essentials that must be kept in mind while getting into the Stock Market.

 Start small. As confidence is gained and as wealth increases, more can be invested in the stock market.

Invest in what you know.

It’s absolutely essential that you understand the business you’re investing in.

 It is important to know how the company is performing to know if your returns would be good or not. Also, never invest just based on hearsay unless it is from a very sound source,”

2.Read annual reports, get sound advice from a good financial advisor and invest only your surplus funds,”

3.“Have confidence that you can manage finances, trust in sound advice, don’t act on hearsay, do your home work well and be prepared and aware of risks involved,”

Look around you. You can always spot investment opportunities by concentrating on what you already know and are familiar with. Some examples would be the industry you work in; restaurant chains, retail stores, etc. 1.“Focus at getting informed about the companies that you want to invest in.

Invest For The  Long Run: if you’re buying stock in Great Companies at attractive prices, trading in and out of the stock washes out all the effort put in picking the stock in the first place. In addition, great companies don’t lose their greatness at the drop of a hat …. they have enduring competitive advantages. ……So it really pays off to be in it for the long run.

stock-market-womenKnow when to sell

While it would be theoretically nice to own stock in a company for eternity, you have to be in tune with practical realities. The key question that most beginning investors have is: When To Sell?” If you find the stock price of companies you’ve invested in way above what you’ve valued them, this might be a good time to sell. Sooner or later the market will correct itself and it’s best to lock in your gains before that happens.Use market fluctuations to your advantage.

Keep your expectations realistic:

Effective stock investing is not about doubling your money in one month.To Sum It    Up,Success in investing comes by being patient, continuously learning, and being rational. A goal of 10-15% return consistently, year after year, will make you a hugely successful investor.

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