Mistakes to avoid In Mornings

                                             MISTAKES TO AVOID IN MORNINGS

Dear Divas, we always lead a busy buzz life chasing our Goals in life. It is essential for mornings when we start our day to be productive. While there are is a huge list of things to do in your morning routine, there are certain things that needs to be avoided in your Mornings as well. “Divas” lists a few mistakes to avoid in mornings to make your day a productive one.

1.Checking Your Phone:The temptation to check our phone first thing in the morning is present in all of us — however, avoid doing so — an unexpected text or email can distract your mind.

2. Waking Up Grumpy:For those of us who are very sound sleepers, the alarm sound can make us get up with a jerk — this can lead to headaches, dizziness and even dementia in the long run. Try to wake up naturally, without an alarm.

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3. Not Drinking Enough Water/ Taking Almonds:Experts recommend having 2 glasses of water after you wake up — if you don’t do so, this can lead to indigestion, constipation and even headaches. So, drink up. Also taking Almonds early morning is a very good skincare regiment that should never be missed.

4. Skipping Exercise/Yoga: A lot of us are guilty of doing this — skipping that morning walk, hitting the gym to get an extra hour of sleep. However, skipping exercise  will make you lethargic for the entire day.Meditating for a few minutes everyday brightens your mind and reinvigorates your senses — make sure you do that in an open area where you get plenty of fresh air and sunshine.

 5. Skipping Breakfasts:The maximum we can manage is to pick up a sandwich and a fruit to be eaten on the way. However, skipping breakfast everyday can lead to obesity, more hunger pangs and even morning sickness.

6,Leaving Your Bed Messy:As soon as our alarm goes off, we get out of bed and rush to get ready without making our bed. Not making your bed in the morning is a very bad Habit — it can make all the negative energies accumulate in the bed long after you leave it. So make sure you make your bead neat and tidy before you leave home.

 6. SMILE… Finally

Everyday is a new beginning for us, No matter what your current state of mind is sad or gloomy  — look up in the mirror and say thank you to God for everything that you have. Start your Day with a Smile.. This leads to  Happy Mornings with Optimistic beginnings…

Quick Morning Routine Guide for work

                 Quick Morning Routine Guide for work!

Hi Divas, we all want to have a beautiful day and make the most during working. morning routine tips

while getting ready, we are filled with questions on ‘what do I wear?’ to ‘what make up do I apply?’ and ‘How do I hide the bad hair day curse?’, on five times a week, all year long. Adding to that some laziness, many of us find ourselves rushing out of the door with a sandwich in the hand and hair tied up in a simple ponytail, running to drive on or catch that train. Well, don’t worry.  Addiemall “Divas” provides a cool post on the quick morning routine for getting ready to work for you girls with great tips.

Before facing the next day,Don’t forget to go to bed early so that you get enough sleep which keeps you active and relaxed in the morning. After snoozing your Alarm, Go on to the follow these tips effectively.

Fitness: Hit the Gym,Stretch your body for a few minutes, or get into Yoga and meditation if you have time.This will warm up your body, keep your mind peaceful.

Shower and Styling: Have a refreshing shower. Opt for good branded bath products,preferably herbal and organic ones, which doesn’t harass the skin much with usage.Choose on about two or three outfits ready for the morning in the evening itself along with suitable accessories like shoes, watch,jewelry,handbag,scarf etc. This will not only help save time in the morning while dressing up but will also give you quick options for dressing up in the morning.

Make Up:As soon as you finish styling, wash your face and apply moisturizer and sunscreen generously. While the skincare products are setting, start brushing your hair or warm up with any styling tools. Proceed with primer and face makeup and style hair in between applying makeup. Choose a cool lipgloss suitable to your skin type.And all set you are ready.

Don’t forget breakfast: It’s the most important meal of the day. If you don’t have enough time to cook anything in the morning, grab a fruit,cereal bar, cornflakes or food prepared before in the night. If you eat at work, get yourself snacks, and fruits in your drawers. Eating might seem like a waste of time but it’s essential to fuel your mind and body for the busy day ahead.

Pack Up Bag Up: As soon as you are set, make your hand bags ready along with lunch boxes if you are carrying one for work. Stuff your handbag with your mobile, room keys,coolers,wallet,body cream,lip balm, and what ever you need for the day. Pack your lunch and try to bring in a variety in five days of the week with different healthy food. There….

So you are all set for the day. Don’t forget to organize your room  and lock it before you head out of the door.


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