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Winter is on its way.Winter reminds us of many wonderful things like the chilled weather,frenzy snowfall, seasonal diet changes,nourishing warm fireplaces and much more. Winter sure is one of the favourite seasons favoured by many since it brings in a quiet relaxational twist to our minds.We would like to share with you some Tips for a blissful winter……..

1.Serve fruits and vegetables that are currently in-season; they will taste much better than out-of-season produce.Nearly everyone gets the winter blues at some time or another, but for some, they are actually a serious medical disorder. It is estimated that over 6 percent of Americans suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD).

2.Apply moisturizer onto towel-dried skin immediately after emerging from a shower as this locks more water into your skin.

3.Want to indulge in a discussion with your partner?Have you brought your Office work Home?Catching up with your favorite TV Show, Well Spending time near the fire place would give you a warming and relaxing moment.

4.Who said that Winter is not the suitable season to go on a vacation? Places like Switzerland,Germany, and Norway are the places to be experienced during this season.

5.December is a great time to analyze your accomplishments over the past year and set goals for the year ahead…. Write them all down.

6. The Biggest Impact for a safe winter lies on Driving. We advise you to drive slowly, keep a distance between you and the vehicle that comes in front of you and Remember to Brake Early.

7.Though it is natural to want to resort to wool or other warmer fabrics in winter,these may not be great on winter skin. So Keep your toes on.

8.Lastly, Don’t Forget to prepare for Christmas and New Year Celebrations that hits during the Winter season.

Winter Brings us so many wonderful surprises including a chilled weather,seasonal flowers and snowfalls.That’s not a thing to be missed.
So Addies, Go on, Embrace This Winter.
Un heureux hiver pour vous tous les!

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