**TREND NOW** – Rukshana Eisa **ETIQUETTE GURU**

**TREND NOW** – Rukshana Eisa **ETIQUETTE GURU**rukshi Etiquette Guru means mentoring the code of ethical behavior regarding professional practice or action among the members of a profession in their dealings with each other: medical etiquette, A Profession that never requires sound qualifcations.Research’s Show that this Occupation is slowly capturing the limelight. We are proud to feature a famous Etiquette Guru from India, Rukshana Eisa




Born in Mumbai, Rukshana, an Arts graduate, started modeling since the age of 16. Rukshana made her mark in the glamour world at a very young age. She has modeled for over 100 local and international brands and has to her credit, over 300 fashion shows including those in UAE, Kuwait, Singapore, Bangkok, Malaysia and USA.

Rukshana’s career has allowed her to travel extensively and has provided her with an enriched understanding of various cultures, which she successfully incorporates into her training and grooming programmes.

Rukshana was also one of the official instructors at the Miss India training programme where she had to take the girls through a grooming course, leading up to the final Miss India event.
Currently Rukshana Eisa heads Image Inc, a grooming school by Birla Lifestyle, where she conducts intensive private courses on grooming and etiquette.


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To Conclude,

You come in to contact with people from different geographical locations, speaking strange languages, have stunning skin color, customs, habits and traditions in this  world, where we are living in a global village. One should one understand, interact with all these people without hurting in style and elegence.

It becomes imperative for every one to learn these new rules of behavior to succeed in personal life, business and in social arena. So Hire a Etiquette Guru Now and Face the World With Confidence!!!!

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