Addiemail This Week **Guest Writers And Some Techie Ways To Save Money**

Howdy Addies, This Tyme we are inviting Guest writers to post us with thier articles relatingsave-money to advertising, Business and Lifestyle. Our First Guest Writer is likely to be Rochelle Togo – Figa, President at RTF Professional Coaching.So If you have a good professional profile, and If you are interested in showcasing your work to our readers, Then Please feel free to contact us through the Comments column or just email us at Each Time Addiemail Features useful and interesting posts for you addies that most of them would not afford to miss. Now,This Tyme we feature a few Technical Ways to save Money.

1.Save On Text Messages With Textfree:
If you have an iPhone, you could potentially download the Textfree app for $5 and never pay for a text message again!

2.Free Video Calls On Your Smartphone With Fring:
Fring is a free app on Android and iPhone that allows you to video conference with other users from your camera phone! While your phone might not have the front-end camera that allows you to stare at the screen while looking into the camera, this app can still save you big bucks..

3.Free Online File Sharing Between Your Devices With DropBox.
Never buy a USB hard drive again! Dropbox is a free software that gives you 2GB of storage to share files with other Dropbox users, and sync your files online and across your own computers. You can buy additional storage starting at $9.99 / month.

Save_Money4.Free Custom Music Playlists Using allows you to search for songs, and create custom playlists (which you can share with friends) for free! The next time you are throwing a party, or want to try new music for free, check out this user-friendly site.

5.VoIP Services: Skype, Rebtel
Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is a  term for the type of online services that allow you to make phone calls through an internet connection, such as Skype, Rebtel and Google Voice. Sometimes, you can even chat for free using these services—especially if it’s a domestic call. All three services have an application you can download on your mobile phones.

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Money, not morality, is the principle commerce of civilized nations. – Thomas Jefferson

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